Exporting to Asia-Pacific

Transport, logistics and infrastructure in Asia-Pacific

The distances involved in trading with the Asia Pacific region mean you will have to think carefully about transport and communications issues.

Transport and logistics in Asia Pacific countries

The best way to transport your goods depends on what sort of goods they are and how soon they need to arrive. Your products may have long journeys using many methods of transport, for example road, sea, air and river.

However, as the region is based around the Pacific Ocean, sea transport is an easy and popular form of transport to arrange. Key sea ports in the region include Shanghai, Yokohama, Guanghzou, Hong Kong, Brisbane and Darwin. All also have air travel hubs nearby.

You could use a specialist freight forwarder to transport your goods. They can pack your goods with other deliveries in a single container to reduce costs. Find out whether they can handle the necessary documentation and Customs procedures on your behalf.

Depending on the contract, you may need insurance. Marine insurance companies can cover transport by sea, but also by air, road or rail.

Factor in the time it will take your products to arrive at their destination. Shipping from Europe to China, Japan, Taiwan or Australia can take up to 50 days to arrive in port, depending on the freight forwarder arrangement. You then have to consider the time it will take to clear Customs and make the final journey. You should get a freight forwarder to provide a time estimate before agreeing a delivery timescale with your customer. Read more about international transport and distribution.

Communications in Asia Pacific countries

The sophistication of communications systems, such as telephone and internet access, varies hugely across the Asia Pacific region. Hi-tech economies such as Japan have a similar communications infrastructure to Northern Ireland. In other areas, such as Vietnam, facilities are more basic. Read more about the communications infrastructure in your target market.