Twitter for business

Twitter advertising


You may choose to complement your organic Twitter efforts with paid advertising. This is a more guaranteed way to ensure your tweet is seen by the right people. Twitter offers a range of paid advertising options to help your achieve particular business goals. Your ads can also be targeted to reach specific audiences.

Twitter advertising options

Choose the right ad format based on what you are trying to achieve. Some of the options include:

  • Website clicks campaigns: This type of advertising uses a 'website card' that displays an image and text preview of a link to encourage users to click. It works best when your goals are to increase website traffic or secure online sales or registrations.
  • Increase followers campaigns: If you want to grow your audience on Twitter so your organic posts get a bigger reach, this type of ad is suitable. It focuses on increasing your number of Twitter followers. It's important to set the targeting options correctly so your new audience is relevant to your business.
  • Promoted tweets: Increase the engagements and reach of particular Tweets by paying to have them promoted. This type of advertising can help share your content across Twitter and stimulate conversations. It can be very quick and simple to set up.
  • Mobile app promotion: This type of ad can send users straight to the app store or open a particular app.

Twitter targeting

Targeting the right people will make your advert more effective and help you to achieve your marketing goals. You have the option to target users based on certain characteristics including:

  • language
  • gender
  • interests
  • accounts they follow
  • device they are using
  • behaviours like online shopping habits
  • keywords they have tweeted or engaged with
  • location

You can also use your own email marketing lists to reach your current audience on Twitter.

It's important to evaluate the success of your Twitter advertising and checking if are getting a return-on-investment. See measure and monitor your Twitter activity.