Authorised Economic Operators

Types of AEO certificate

There are three types of AEO certificate.

Customs Simplifications

A Customs Simplifications AEO certificate (AEOC), which is issued to any business that fulfils the specified criteria in the areas of:

  • customs compliance
  • record-keeping standards
  • financial solvency

If you hold AEOC status it will speed up the process of authorisation if you apply for any of the following customs procedures:

  • the Local Clearance Procedure under HMRC Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) and the National Export System (NES)
  • simplified declaration procedure under CFSP and NES
  • simplifications for regular shipping services

Security and Safety

A Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEOS) is issued to any business that fulfils all of the above criteria and also maintains appropriate security and safety standards. You'll benefit from:

  • a lower risk score used to determine the frequency of customs physical and documentary checks
  • consignments may be fast-tracked through customs control
  • reduced requirements for the mandatory pre-arrival/pre-departure Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) or Exit Summary Declarations (EXS) which carriers must make
  • potential for future reciprocal arrangements and mutual recognition with countries outside the European Community, for example, USA or trading partners that adopt the WCO Safe framework

Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety

A Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEOF) is available to any business which meets all the relevant criteria for both types of certificate and which wants to receive the benefits of both types of AEO.

Whichever certificate you hold, you'll benefit from:

  • recognised status across the European Union (EU)
  • an industry 'kite mark', which is a useful marketing tool

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