Trade Control Licences

Types of Trade Control Licence


There are different categories of Trade Control Licence that an exporter can use depending on the nature of the transaction, the category of the goods involved and whether the goods are classified as military or dual-use.

Open General Trade Control Licence (OGTCL)

An OGTCL allows the trading of most goods found on the UK Military List. You cannot use an OGTCL for the trading of dual-use goods.

There are two types of OGTCL available to exporters. These are for:

  • Category C goods
  • small arms and light weapons

Category C goods are items that do not fall into either Category A or B of the UK Military List (part of the UK Strategic Export Control Lists). Category C goods also include certain items used for riot control or self-protection and related portable dissemination equipment.

The OGTCLs cover approximately 90 per cent of licensing situations. However, if you cannot meet the conditions required to use an OGTCL there are two other licences to consider.

Standard Individual Trade Control Export Licence (SITCL)

The SITCL is used by traders to cover the trading of a set quantity of specified goods. This licence can be used for a one-off deal and requires specific information:

  • country of origin and country of destination
  • consignor and consignee details
  • end-user details

The SITCL can be used for the trade of dual-use goods.

Usually, a SITCL is valid for two years or until the trade has taken place. Once the licence expires, a new application must be applied for if further trades are required.

Open Individual Trade Control Licence (OITCL)

An OITCL is a type of general permit that allows a range of activities, such as the trading of specific goods between any numbers of specified countries. This licence cannot be used for dual-use goods. An OITCL also requires specific information regarding country of origin and destination and/or specified consignor, consignee and end-user.

Generally, an OITCL is valid for two years.