UFO (Small Flying Objects) call for proposals

News article

Funding for collaborative projects to develop innovative products and services by integrating new embedded technology solutions in the Small Flying Objects area

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are a partner in an Horizon 2020 Project looking at the business opportunities offered by small flying objects, eg smallsats, drones and high altitude platform systems. 

This project has voucher schemes which aim to support and finance collaborative projects of two or more SMEs to bring their idea closer to realisation and market. UK SMEs are eligible to participate.

Up to €60,000 is available per SME involved for projects offering solutions to the challenges within embedded digital technologies, Key Enabled Technologies (KETs), data analysis an exploitation solutions (ICT) for 6 emerging industries:

  • blue growth
  • digital creative and gaming
  • mobility
  • finance and insurance
  • environment

Registration closes on 18 February 2021. Find out more and apply.

First published 16 February 2021