UK bilateral trade relations



Trading with countries outside the European Union (EU) can offer challenges to businesses because of the long distances and the differences in language and business culture. However, it can also offer a wide range of good business opportunities.

UK trade agreements

The UK has a strong network of trade relations with non-EU countries with an interest in open markets which are in compliance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. Where barriers prevent access to overseas markets, the UK government seeks to address these, both through its own efforts and through the EU. Where markets are open, it seeks to support the EU in negotiating legally binding commitments through the WTO or by means of bilateral trade agreements.

Practical support is available to help you find business opportunities, market information, trade missions and events, financial support, as well as advice on tax, customs duties and international trade paperwork.

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This guide gives an overview of the opportunities and support your business can find when trading with the Commonwealth, the US, Canada and Asia and Pacific.