Use transit and collation packaging effectively


Transit and collation packaging is any packaging used to hold and protect items during transit. It covers bags, boxes and drums, filler materials, shrink-wrap and stretch-wrap, pallets, layer pads, and slip sheets.

Good packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, from raw materials to manufactured goods and perishable foods. Inadequate packaging can lead to product damage, customer returns and waste - not only of the product itself, but also of the energy and materials used in its manufacture and transport.

Using transit and collation packaging effectively can save your business money, help you to comply with legislation and improve your reputation with stakeholders such as customers, investors and the public.

This guide explains how you can use a systematic approach to reduce the amount of transit and collation packaging your business uses, and the waste that it creates. It looks at the different options you should consider to ensure packaging is reduced, reused and recycled.