Supplementary Declarations for export

Using an authorised agent for Supplementary Declarations

You can obtain authorisation to use the National Export System (NES) yourself in order to make Supplementary Declarations, or you can use an authorised third party to act on your behalf.

Types of representation

There are two types of representation:

  • Under direct representation a person acts in your name and on your behalf. As principal, however, you're still solely responsible for fulfilling your legal obligations under European Union (EU) customs law.
  • Under indirect representation the third party acts in their own name but on your behalf. This means they are jointly responsible with you for fulfilling legal obligations under EU customs law.

If you're a NES authorised trader and employ third parties to make declarations on your behalf, the third party may act either as your direct or indirect representative. However, you must always provide full and accurate details of the goods and their customs status, sufficient to complete the customs declaration correctly.

If you're authorised to use the NES you may arrange for a service provider to carry out all or any of the functions required under your NES authorisation. Where this involves the submission of customs declarations, the service provider may act as a direct or indirect representative.

Using an agent

You must give written permission to any third party or service provider to submit NES declarations on your behalf. That third party must be authorised to make NES declarations and, in addition, you must obtain authorisation to use them as your agent. To obtain authorisation, download application form 64-8.