Help HMRC stop illegal trading and fraud

Using the HMRC Fraud Hotline information report form

When you use the secure website to report relevant illegal trading or tax breaches to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and UK Visas and Immigration, you fill out a form designed to help you answer relevant questions about the information you have. This helps to determine the best and safest course of action.

Even if you cannot complete every field on the form, give partial information, which can still be helpful.

Safety measures

For your own safety:

  • don't go looking for more information about the crime you are reporting or about any other criminal activity
  • make sure no one knows you are passing information to HMRC
  • don't encourage anyone to commit a crime or become involved in crime so you can give HMRC more information

What happens next?

HMRC will assess the information. Because investigations can take some time, it might not always be evident that action is being taken. HMRC also works closely with other government departments, agencies and organisations, including the police. If the information you give is relevant to such organisations, HMRC may pass it on, but not your details.