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Video game marketing workshops

12 May 2020

Discover strategies to get players and purchases

The Pixel Mill is hosting a series of afternoon workshops focusing on different elements of marketing for games.

Running from the 19 to 21 May at 3:00, sessions will last an hour and a half with 60 minutes of talks and 30 minutes Q&A section.

Each session is as follows:

  • 19 May - Hannah Flynn, Communications Director, Fail Better Games - How to get the most out of your Steam page and other store fronts
  • 20 May - Pip Hoskins, Community Manager, No More Robots - Do's and don'ts of community management
  • 21 May - Will Freeman, Freelance Video Game Journalist - How to work with video game journalists and the gaming press

The workshops will be held remotely.

If you are interested in participating in the workshops, email Rory -

First published on 12 April 2020