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Virtual hackathon: Artificial intelligence vs. Covid-19

24 March 2020

Register now to join a virtual hackathon to explore ways to combat coronavirus

There is currently an urgent need for medical and other support in the UK due to the spread of Covid-19. Demand for technologies that can address some of the challenges is growing. The solutions are likely to be generated from multi-disciplinary collaborations, with artificial intelligence (AI) being one part of the response.

With this in mind, businesses, data scientists and biomedical researchers are urged to join Mindstream AI's virtual hackathon on AI vs. Covid-19, in order to accelerate the approaches to monitoring, diagnosing and controlling the Coronavirus outbreak.

The event will go virtual through a platform with full access to Covid-19 datasets and other technology. Participants will work collaboratively with top data scientists, biomedical researchers, vaccine specialists, start-up founders and investors to develop innovative approaches to the current crisis.

This is a preliminary notification due to the short deadlines. Full joining details will be provided once the platform has been established. Register today to receive further information on this event and find out how you can participate.