Webinar: Food sector efficiencies

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How to reduce waste and costs in the food and drink production, distribution and hospitality industries

On Tuesday 15 September 2020, Invest Northern Ireland will host a webinar which will focus on waste and resource efficiencies in the food sector.

As businesses enter the recovery stage of COVID-19, sustainability and achieving a 'green recovery' is at the forefront of strategic thinking and planning.

This hour long webinar, tailored specifically to the food sector, will be delivered in partnership with International Synergies and Waste & Resource Action Programme (WRAP).

Using food related case studies, it will highlight the environmental benefits of Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching service, which offers the opportunities to convert one business’s redundant waste into a resource for another.

Participants will also hear from WRAP about unlocking the economic benefits of waste reduction and resource efficiency in the food and drink supply chain.

Register here to attend this webinar.

First published 24 August 2020