WEEE for manufacturers, rebranders and importers

WEEE financing and take-back arrangements


If you produce, rebrand or import electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), and your products fall under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, you must join a producer compliance scheme (PCS). Through the PCS you must finance the collection, treatment and recovery of the future waste created by your products.

Household WEEE

Your PCS will deal with separately collected household WEEE on your behalf. The PCS calculates the amount you pay for this, based on the amount of equipment that you sell and what is collected through designated collection sites. For more information about PCS, see complying with WEEE producer responsibilities.

Non-household WEEE

If you sell EEE for non-household use, either you or your PCS is responsible for collecting, treating and recycling:

  • waste that is being replaced by the products you sell - this only applies if the equipment was originally purchased from you or another producer before 13 August 2005
  • equipment you have sold since 13 August 2005, when it is discarded as waste

Alternatively, you can negotiate an agreement with customers that buy non-household EEE. This kind of agreement can be part of normal contract negotiations and can allow customers to take responsibility for waste that they are replacing, or for new equipment that becomes WEEE at the end of its life.