WEEE for manufacturers, rebranders and importers

WEEE rules for marking your products


If you produce, rebrand or import electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) which falls under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, you must mark it with:

  • the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol - so householders know not to dispose of the product with their unsorted household waste
  • a producer identification mark
  • a date mark

These marks should be clearly visible and permanent, and should be on the product itself. However, if this is not possible - eg because the product is too small or if this would affect its function - you can print the marking on the packaging, instructions or warranty.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a European standard on WEEE marking that you can use. Buy the European standard on WEEE marking on the BSI website. Alternatively, you can call BSI Standards and Publications on Tel 020 8996 9001.

Marking household products

For household products, you can no longer show purchasers the cost of collecting, treating and recovering the product when it reaches the end of its life. This applies from 13 February 2013 for large household appliances.

The displayed cost must:

  • not exceed the actual cost of collecting, treating, recovering and reprocessing an equivalent item of historic WEEE
  • explain how it's been calculated - you can put these details on your website and provide purchasers with the web address
  • be clearly identified so people don't confuse it with the product's purchase price