How to be an engaging manager

Welcome new employees


Employee engagement can start before a new employee joins. It is important for managers to connect quickly with new staff - the quicker employees become settled the quicker they will start contributing in a positive way to the business.

How to welcome new employees

New employees should know what to expect and what is expected of them in their new job role. There are many ways new employees can be welcomed into an organisation, including:

  • social events - inviting new employees to join any employee parties or major events, for example, staff away days
  • new staff welcome pack - sending new employees a welcome pack including information about their new role
  • welcome from current staff - briefing current employees to acknowledge new employees and welcome them to the organisation
  • office equipment - making sure the basics are set up and ready before employees come in, for example, desk, phone, email, business cards
  • tour of the office - walking every new employee around the workplace or at least their department so they get to meet new colleagues and know where all the basic amenities are located e.g. toilets, fire exits, kitchen area
  • buddy scheme - introducing a buddy scheme where an existing employee helps a new employee settle in and answers any questions
  • formal induction programme - establishing a formal induction programme to help new employees understand the business' purpose, structure and culture - induction programme: what to include

Welcome pack

In a new starter pack for staff, you could consider including:

  • a letter from you welcoming them to the organisation
  • introductory information about the business including brochure or other marketing materials, your strategic narrative, any sports or social clubs or any other workplace benefits
  • specific information about their role, including their job description, an organisation chart, any material about the team they will join
  • logistical information, for example location maps, canteen information