Mobile marketing and m-commerce

What are mobile marketing and m-commerce?


Mobile marketing is a practice that allows your business to engage with your customers -or target market using a mobile device or network. Often mobile marketing refers simply to marketing on or with a mobile device - eg a smartphone or tablet.

Types of mobile marketing

The four main mobile marketing tools used are:

  • mobile-friendly web sites
  • mobile applications or 'apps'
  • mobile advertising
  • SMS or MMS messages

With mobile friendly marketing, you can use many of the features of normal internet marketing to connect with potential customers such as:

  • text
  • images
  • audio
  • recorded video
  • streaming video

You can also use Bluetooth - wireless technology with a short range - to communicate with potential customers as they pass billboards or kiosks. Bluetooth is free to use as there is no airtime charge. It must be used correctly otherwise it can be considered spam, which is illegal. Using Bluetooth for marketing is also known as beacon or proximity marketing. WiFi can also be used for proximity marketing in a similar way.

What is m-commerce?

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) allows your customers to use mobile devices to complete online transactions. You can use m-commerce as part of your marketing strategy and to interact with potential customers.

To successfully use m-commerce, your business will need offer a quick and easy online shopping experience for consumers. This could take the form of personalised shopping with products and discounts based on individual customer preference and previous online activity.