Licences and enforcement for international trading

What are tariff quotas?

Trading schemes throughout the European Union (EU) exist to control the import and export of certain goods with the aim of boosting business opportunities for member states.

What are tariff quotas?

Tariff Quotas are a European Union (EU) system to allow the importation of limited amounts of specific goods (sometimes from specific countries) at a rate of duty lower than would otherwise apply. The amount, which may be imported, can be expressed in units of:

  • quantity
  • value
  • volume
  • weight
  • length

and the period during which the TQ is available can be limited.

Non-licence quota duty reductions are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Quotas are administered in the UK by the Central Tariff Quota Unit.

To make a claim for a tariff quota share you may require an EUR1, GSP form A, or ATR Preference Certificate. You may need to provide financial security if the quota is nearing exhaustion.

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