Trade Control Licences

What are Trade Control Licences?

Trade Control Licences were originally introduced to license the overseas trade of military items. The trade - or brokering - in dual-use goods is also licensed and now requires a Trade Control Licence. Dual-use goods are items that can be used in both a civil and military way.
Trade Controls apply to:
  • military goods
  • dual-use goods listed in Annex 1 of the European Union Dual-Use Regulation (included as part of the UK Strategic Export Control Lists) and where exporters have been 'informed' of an intended use for weapons of mass destruction
The UK Military List and the UK Strategic Export Control Lists are listings of controlled military and dual-use items and are maintained by the ECO. Read more about the UK Strategic Export Control Lists.
More guidance on Trade Controls
Further detailed guidance is available to help individuals and businesses understand the controls and the licences required to trade in military and dual-use goods. Read more about trafficking and brokering (Trade Controls) and brokering (trade) of dual-use items.