Anti-dumping and countervailing duties

What to do if you think goods are being dumped

Dumping goods in the European Union (EU) damages domestic producers. If you think goods are being dumped, it is in your interest to see whether an investigation can be started. This page explains the action you can take and the organisations that can help you.

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties are applied at an EU-wide level, rather than just in the UK. Complaints of unfair trade practices are investigated either by the Trade Defence Section of the European Commission or in more serious cases by OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Investigations are only undertaken if there is sufficient evidence of a negative impact on EU producers. Specifically, you need to show that:

  • imports from a particular country (outside the EU) are being dumped or subsidised for sale in the EU
  • import volumes are significant, and producers representing at least 25 per cent of total EU production of the particular goods are being affected

This means that complaints are usually started by UK or European trade associations, rather than single companies.

For more information on starting a complaint, call the European Commission Trade Defence Helpdesk on Tel 00 32 22 95 53 53.

If you are trading in a third country outside the EU, and there are unrealistic or illegal trade barriers which make trading difficult in your customer's country, you can appeal to the Complaint Register service. This is a single-entry point where you can request clarification on third-country tariffs, import formalities, documentation and other measures. You can also make complaints if you think trade barriers are imposed unfairly.

Report export barriers on the Market Access Database (MADB).