Innovate UK funding competitions

What does Innovate UK support


Innovate UK run funding competitions which can help you develop your idea and make it successful. These competitions are open for projects led by any UK-based company and funding is awarded to the winners.

Many of the competitions focus on specific industry sectors. Some programmes are open to businesses from any sector.

Innovate UK's sector focus

Under Innovate UK's sector programme, opportunities exist for your business in the following industries:

  • emerging and enabling technologies
  • health and life sciences
  • infrastructure systems
  • manufacturing and materials

Find out about the different priorities and opportunities within each of these sector groups - read about Innovate UK sector-focused funding programmes.

Funding opportunities open to businesses in any sector

Innovate UK's open programme supports high quality innovation from any business, in any area of the UK economy. It includes:

Read more about the support and funding opportunities in Innovate UK's Delivery Plan 2016 to 2017.

See also how to apply for Innovate UK funding.