Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs)

What is an Open Individual Export Licence?

The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) issues various categories of export licence, depending on the type of goods, destination and nature of export.

Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs) are one type of export licence. Specifically, they are a concessionary form of licensing.

OIELs are potentially available to individual exporters who have a track record in applying for export licences or who can otherwise demonstrate a business case. See eligibility for an OIEL.

OIELs cover multiple shipments of specific controlled goods to named destinations. They may also name the consignees or end users of the goods concerned - unlike Standard Individual Export Licences (SIELs), which always name these parties.

There are no open individual transhipment licences, which means that controlled goods cannot be imported into the UK for export elsewhere under an OIEL. Read more about transhipment licences.

Controlled goods are items of strategic importance, including:

  • dual-use goods (military and civilian)
  • torture goods
  • radioactive sources
  • military goods
  • electronic technology

There are various categories of OIELs which you might be able to apply for, depending on the nature of your business, your track record in applying for export licences and the conditions of the licence.

See type and duration of OIELS.