Beginners' guide to export controls

Where can I find more information about export controls?


More information on the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) and export licences is available from a range of sources.

ECJU Helpline

The ECJU can provide general advice on your export control query. You can contact the ECJU Helpline on Tel 020 7215 4594 or by email on

If you have a specific query about a specific export licensing application you can speak to the licensing officer dealing with your case (quoting your SPIRE reference number). The name of the licensing case officer is listed in your SPIRE workbasket. 

Notices to Exporters

To keep informed of changes to licences, legislative amendments and other updates, you can choose to receive the ECJU's regular Notices to Exporters

Open General Export Licence (OGEL) Checker Database

The OGEL Checker Database is a web-based search tool to help exporters find out whether there are any OGELs they may be able to use when exporting their goods, software or technology.