How to value your imports for customs duty and trade statistics

Where to find information on the valuation of imported goods

Calculating the import value and declaring it to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is a complex area. However, if you need help, HMRC provides a range of support services.

HMRC guidance publications

The following publications will expand on the information in this guide:

  • Notice 251: Valuation Declarations and Statements - this explains the types of declarations, when they are required and how to complete them.
  • Notice 252: Valuation of imported goods for customs purposes, VAT and trade statistics - this explains the six methods you can use to calculate the value of your imports. Read Notice 252.

HMRC National Advice Service

If your queries aren't answered by the publications listed above, you can call the HMRC VAT Helpline on Tel 0300 200 3700. This service can help you with any problems related to import valuations in particular, or other customs-related aspects of international trading.