Wood packaging material for import and export from 1 January 2021


Last updated 5 January 2021

Wood packaging material (WPM) is known to introduce harmful tree and forestry pests and diseases.

If you import or export any goods using WPM or supply WPM to businesses, you need to continue to follow the rules to meet ISPM15 international standards from 1 January 2021

WPM includes:

  • packing cases
  • boxes
  • crates
  • drums and similar containers
  • pallets, box pallets, pallet collars and other load boards
  • dunnage (loose wood used to protect goods and their packaging)
The rules do not apply to processed, non-solid WPM like plywood, raw wood that’s 6mm thick or less, barrels for wines and spirits or gift boxes made from processed wood, sawdust, shavings or cardboard (as packing material).

Rules for Northern Ireland

If you move WPM (for supply or to move goods) from NI to the EU, there will be no changes to WPM requirements.

If you move WPM (for supply or to move goods) from NI to Great Britain there will be no changes to WPM requirements. These movements will also continue as before.

If you move WPM from GB to NI (for supply or to move goods), your WPM must be treated and appropriately marked in compliance with ISPM15 international standards. Checks will be carried out on a risk-targeted basis only, taking into account that GB to NI movements are very low risk.