Work Experience Programme: providing short work placements to support unemployed people

The Department for Communities works with employers to offer jobseekers the opportunity to obtain meaningful work experience through the Work Experience Programme.


To be eligible for the Work Experience Programme, participants must:

  • be unemployed
  • not have reached the eligibility point for mandatory entry to the Steps 2 Success programme

The programme is entirely voluntary and helps people to undertake work experience and develop skills needed to get and retain a job. Placements can last between two and eight weeks and give people the chance to try out various tasks in a real work situation.

If taking part in the programme, you will not be asked to make any payment to the person – participants will retain their benefit entitlement during the period of work experience.

Further information

For further information on the Work Experience Programme contact your local Jobs and Benefits office where staff will be available to advise how you can become involved.