Export declarations and the National Export System


The National Export System (NES) is a computer-based system which enables export declarations to be made electronically, replacing manual processing.

Use of NES is mandatory for exporters, who must be authorised to use it.

NES operates within CHIEF - the nationwide electronic Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system that controls the movement of international cargo.

The European Union's (EU's) Export Control System (ECS), electronically controls indirect exports and was built onto CHIEF in the UK so, in most circumstances, there is no requirement to submit a separate safety and security declaration, as a CHIEF Export Declaration contains the additional ECS fields. Goods under a transit procedure within the EU prior to export to a third country - are also covered in this document.

This guide looks at how it works and what you and your agent - if you have one - need to know in order to access and use it. The guide also examines the requirements for exports under special customs arrangements and highlights the measures available when CHIEF is unavailable.