Skills Advancement Grant


Up to £10,000 for staff training for account managed Invest NI customers involved in manufacturing or internationally tradable services.

Eligibility criteria: 

This support is available to Invest Northern Ireland customers. If your business can show that it intends to sell outside Northern Ireland, is actively pursuing growth plans and will contribute to increasing productivity and innovation in Northern Ireland, you could become a customer with Invest NI.

The criteria for Invest NI customers is as follows:

  • actual turnover >= £250,000
  • actual external sales >= 25 per cent or £250,000 per annum
  • growth potential

Growth potential is defined by Invest NI as:

  • potential employment growth >= 20 per cent or >= 20 jobs within three years; or
  • potential external sales growth >=20 per cent or >= £500,000 within three years; or
  • potential increase in GVA / employee >= 20 per cent within three years
Additional information: 
  • The grant will cover 50 per cent (excluding VAT) eligible external training and travel costs.
  • Support is only available to small enterprises (employment under 50 full time equivalents and turnover or balance sheet under €10 million).
  • Financial support is only available for projects that demonstrate the potential for significant business improvement.
Support organisation: 
Invest Northern Ireland
0800 181 4422