Growth through technology

  • Planning for e-commerce

    What to consider when setting up e-commerce systems in your business and how to make the most of e-commerce opportunities.

  • Create an online shop

    The key issues to consider when creating an online shop and selling your products and services online, including the benefits and how to get started.

  • Develop a digital marketing plan

    What are the key components of a digital marketing plan, how to write each important section and what benefits can such a plan deliver to your business.

  • Cloud computing

    What is cloud computing, what are its risks and benefits to your business, and how to outsource your IT to cloud.

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

    Learn how to use search engine optimisation techniques to improve your website's ranking on search engine results pages and increase traffic to your site.

  • Pay-per-click and paid search advertising

    How to use pay per click so that users will click through to your website when they seek your products online and you only pay when your ad is clicked.

  • Customer relationship management

    Introduction to customer relationship management, the systems available, and how they can help you to improve sales and productivity.

  • Benefits of databases

    Introduction to databases and database management systems, and using them to handle information more effectively in your business.