Patents, trade marks, copyright and design

  • EU exit and innovation and R&D

    Information on product conformity marking, regulation of manufactured goods, intellectual property and exhaustion of IP rights during and after the EU Exit transition period

  • Trade marks

    Introduction to trade marking – how to choose, search for, register and protect trade marks in the UK or abroad

  • Trade mark tips for beginners

    12 key things that small business owners need to know in order to protect and manage their valuable trade marks

  • Manage your registered trade mark

    How to renew, amend and manage registered trade marks, add new classes of goods and services to a registered mark and deal with trade mark infringement

  • Domain name and trade mark conflicts

    Intellectual property issues related to internet domain names, including relationship and conflicts between trade marks and domain names

  • Get patent protection for your business

    Find out how to patent a product, and protect your ideas or inventions by applying for a patent and securing your patent rights

  • How to manage your patents

    How to use and manage your patents, protect your inventions and commercialise your patented work

  • The Patent Box

    How to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned from patented inventions and certain other innovations

  • Copyright for your business

    What is copyright, how to use this exclusive legal right to protect your creative work and what to do if someone violates your rights

  • Managing your copyright

    How to use your copyright, license or assign your rights, and protect and benefit from your copyrighted work

  • Copyright: Orphan works

    How to use the UK orphan works licensing scheme and get a licence to use orphan works - ie creative work for which the right holder(s) cannot be found

  • Design right and registration

    How to protect the value of your designs through unregistered design rights and design registration

  • Protect your registered designs

    How to protect your registered designs, manage your design rights and defend your designs against infringement