Social media

  • Social media best practice for business

    Social media advice for businesses looking to set up, evaluate, manage or improve their social media campaigns across a range of channels.

  • Social media platforms

    LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest - find out how your business can use these social media channels and identify the most suitable platforms for you.

  • Facebook for business

    How to set up, run and monitor a Facebook business page and advertise through Facebook including the benefits and challenges.

  • X for business

    The benefits and challenges of X for business, how to set up and manage an account, use advertising and track and evaluate your success.

  • Use social media safely

    How to take measures to ensure your business is using social media safely and securely, protecting your reputation, securing data and being aware of the law.

  • Managing employee use of social media

    How to best manage employee use of social media, including how to develop a social media policy.