Dealing with HMRC

Please note: HM Revenue & Customs guidance can be found on the GOV.UK website. We provide links to the key information below.

Contact HMRC
Get contact details if you have a tax related query

Tell HMRC about a change to your business
Tell HMRC about changes to your business - a change of name, address, legal structure or business activity

Tell HMRC about a change to your personal details
How to tell HMRC if there's a change to your personal details - address, name, income, marital status, gender

Get help from HMRC if you need extra support
HM Revenue & Customs can help you if you need extra support because of your condition or circumstances

Get help with tax
Getting help with tax returns, allowances, tax codes, filling in forms and what to do if you owe HMRC

Appoint someone to deal with HMRC on your behalf
Authorise someone to deal with HMRC for you - how to appoint an agent, friend, relative or voluntary organisation

Tax agents and advisers: authorising your agent (64-8)
Use form 64-8 to tell HMRC that you give authorisation for an agent to act on your behalf

Help friends or family with their tax
Register as a 'trusted helper' to manage tax online for a friend or relative, or call HMRC for someone else

If you haven't told HMRC about income
Tell HMRC about undeclared income, self-employment, capital gains, profits in a company and foreign income

Tax compliance checks
Tax compliance checks - what HMRC can check, how the checks are conducted and what you'll need to do

Appeal to the tax tribunal
Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Tax) against tax decisions: how to appeal, the hearing, if you lose your case

VAT visits and inspections
VAT checks by HM Revenue and Customs - VAT officers inspecting your VAT record keeping and business premises

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