Stamp and property taxes

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax: introduction

    Stamp Duty Land Tax is usually payable when you buy or lease land or property - it's also sometimes payable on transfers of ownership of property or land

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax returns

    Completing, amending and paying Stamp Duty Land Tax returns

  • Stamp Taxes Online

    How to register for and login to Stamp Taxes Online

  • Stamp Duty Reserve Tax

    Stamp Duty Reserve Tax is a tax on shares and securities when you buy through the stock market or a stock broker

  • Stamp Duty

    You pay Stamp Duty when you buy shares using a stock transfer form, on some transfers of interest in partnerships and on land or property transactions entered into before 1 December 2003

  • Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings

    Previously called Annual Residential Property Tax, ATED is a tax payable by companies that own high value residential property

  • Stamp taxes news, forms and reference material

    Access the news, forms and reference materials for stamp and property taxes