Apply for an ATA Carnet


Last updated 1 April 2021

You can buy an Admission Temporaire or Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet and use it to:

  • temporarily export goods for use outside the UK
  • claim relief under temporary admission on goods that you import for temporary use into the UK
  • cover transit of goods through certain countries on route to countries where you’ll use them temporarily

You can use Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) carnet if you temporarily export a UK registered motor vehicle to use in certain countries.

ATA Carnets

Using the ATA Carnet will mean you’ll not pay customs charges, and it:

  • simplifies clearing your goods through customs in exporting and importing countries - it replaces customs documents that you’d normally need to complete
  • gives a financial security for customs charges that could be due on goods that you’ll use in the countries you visit
  • removes the need for a customs declaration - goods that are imported or exported as freight may need to be included on an import and export customs clearance request form C21

Who can use an ATA Carnet

Private travellers or businesses can use a carnet, this will be either:

  • the holder - their name will be on the front cover of the carnet
  • a representative - their name will be in box B of the carnet or in the authorisation letter

Countries that accept ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets are only valid in certain countries.

Responsibilities of the carnet holder

Whether or not you own the goods, as the holder, you’ll be responsible for any customs charges that may become due if you either do not:

  • use the goods correctly
  • re-export them from the country you visit

If you’re the carnet holder, you must also make sure:

  • the country you visit accepts ATA Carnets for the type of goods and how you mean to use them
  • that you show the carnet to customs for stamping each time the goods enter or leave a country or customs territory
  • customs remove the voucher at each use
  • you tell customs if the goods are no longer eligible for use under the carnet you’ve bought (for example, you decide to sell your goods)
  • that you can show the carnet and your goods when customs ask you to

Types of goods and uses

Types of goods and uses vary between participating countries. The association in the issuing country will tell you whether you can use a carnet in the countries you visit.

You can only import certain goods using an ATA Carnet to claim relief under temporary admission in the UK. Some goods have special conditions attached. If you don’t stick to these, customs may direct that your goods follow normal customs import rules.

How to apply

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry or issuing associations approved by the customs authorities in the country where they operate, issue ATA Carnets.

Apply online and pay if you’re an existing Chamber of Commerce and Industry customer.

You can also buy ATA Carnets from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry at its offices.

Make sure you ask for the right number of vouchers when you apply for the carnet.

After you’ve applied

Once issued your carnet will either be posted to you or, you can collect it from the issuing office.

They’ll tell you if they can issue an ATA Carnet for the temporary export you plan. They’ll also tell you how much to pay and the guarantee or security you’ll need to give.

You’ll need to check the rules for using your carnet.

Your ATA Carnet is valid for up to one year from the date of issue. Once issued, you cannot change its period of validity. To extend how long you can use the goods, you’ll need to get a replacement carnet.

If you need more vouchers contact the association that issued the carnet for advice.

Adding extra goods to the ATA Carnet after it’s been issued

Once the carnet has been issued you cannot add extra goods, you’ll need to apply for another carnet.