Avoiding crime and fraud in international trade



Businesses in international trade face a growing threat from crime. Fraud is deceit for financial profit and has cost the UK economy billions of pounds in recent years.

Currently the main threat to international traders is fraud from organised crime, including theft of your goods or your business identity, cross-border crime and road-freight crime. Other risks include infringement of intellectual property or employee fraud.

‘Phishing’, or rogue emails asking for your business banking details, are a common way to steal money.

You can anonymously report fraud by contacting Crimestoppers on Tel: 0800 555 111.

The rise in online trading has created new forms of criminal activity, such as new ways of laundering money. This action-based guide explains the key risks involved, how to reduce them, and what to do if your business is targeted.

This guide covers how to protect your business identity against fraud, how to safeguard your IT against fraud and how to report a business crime or fraud.

  • Crimestoppers
    0800 555 111