Chemical manufacturing pollution prevention



Chemical manufacturing businesses can have harmful impacts on the environment, for example by causing pollution. The chemical industry includes producers of commodity chemicals such as organic and inorganic chemicals and industrial gases, and speciality chemicals such as pharmaceutical products and essential oils. It also includes mixing, blending, diluting or converting basic chemicals to make chemical products and preparations, eg paints, pesticides, inks, detergents and cosmetics.

Your activities may cause air pollution from the release of chemical fumes and odours, noise pollution from processing plant and machinery, water pollution from contaminated discharges or accidental spills, or land contamination from storing chemicals or oil. If you cause a pollution incident you may be prosecuted or fined and have to pay clean-up costs, all of which could damage your reputation.

This guide describes your responsibilities for preventing pollution to air, land and water. It includes guidance on controlling noise and vibration. It also covers how to prevent and deal with pollution incidents.