Employing voluntary staff

Employing young volunteers

It's common for businesses to use young volunteers for part-time volunteering or for volunteering during school holidays.

There are no specific restrictions on volunteering by young people in not-for-profit organisations. However, you should follow the working-time rules that apply to regular employees. 

You should ensure that young people are afforded protection - you can find out more about young volunteers by downloading Volunteer Now's young people and volunteering checklist (DOC, 128K).

You can also download Volunteer Now's information about children (under 14) and volunteering (PDF, 117K).

Volunteers and voluntary workers are not entitled to the NMW - see national minimum wage - volunteers and voluntary workers.

Insurance for young people

If you use volunteers who are under 16, you must ensure that your employer's liability and public liability insurance policies cover young workers and volunteers under the age of 16.