Fuel Duty forms, notices and reference material

Please note: Fuel Duty guidance from HM Revenue & Customs can be found on the GOV.UK website. We provide links to the key information below.

Fuel Duty forms
Find the Fuel Duty forms your need and any associated guides, notes, helpsheets and supplementary pages

Excise notices: oils
This collection brings together all excise notices for oils

Excise notices: storing and moving goods
This collection brings together all HM Revenue and Customs notices for receiving, storing and moving excise goods

Excise information sheets
This collection brings together the Excise Information Sheets published from 1 January 2018

Revenue and Customs Briefs
This collection brings together the Revenue and Customs briefs published from 1 January 2017

Tax information and impact notes
The government publish tax information and impact notes (TIINs) for tax policy changes when the policy is final or near final

Excise Duty: hydrocarbon oils, rates and allowances
Details of fuel duty payable on light oils, heavy oils, biofuels and road fuel gases