Importing and exporting by post



Royal Mail Group (RMG) is the UK’s designated Universal Postal Union Provider.

An express carrier is a company that delivers parcels (express consignments) within a set timeframe, offering a door-to-door collection and delivery service. It may include:

  • express couriers
  • fast parcel operators
  • freight forwarders

There will be future changes to the current arrangements for sending parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Find out what you need to do when moving parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland under the Windsor Framework from 30 September 2024

If you move goods to a business in Northern Ireland, you can apply for the UK Internal Market Scheme to make sure you’re ready for the changes from 30 September 2024.

If you are responsible for moving business to consumer, consumer to business, or consumer to consumer parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, check if you can apply for the UK Carrier Scheme.

You can start using UK Carrier (UKC) Scheme authorisation to move these parcels from 30 September 2024. You will not need to meet international customs requirements, like declarations, tariffs, and presentation of goods to customs.

This guide will help you understand more about how to declare goods when importing by post, calculating customs charges when importing by post and how to pay outstanding charges on goods imported by post.