Making an export supplementary declaration


Last updated 19 April 2024

You’ll need to make a supplementary declaration after you’ve either made:

When to submit

The goods being declared are released from customs when either:

  • your pre-shipment advice is accepted

  • you make an entry in your records

If you’re sending more than one consignment, you must submit your declaration by the 10th calendar day of the month following export.

What information you need

Your declaration will need to include your:

  • customs procedure code

  • commodity code

  • declaration unique consignment reference

You also need to give information like the:

  • departure point and destination

  • consignee and consignor

  • type, amount and packaging of your goods

  • transport methods and costs

  • currencies and valuation methods

  • certificates and licences

How to submit

You can submit your export supplementary declaration online.  

Check which boxes you need to complete on your declaration

You must submit one supplementary declaration for each simplified declaration. 

Find out how to complete your declaration if you’re using the Customs Declaration Service.