Movement Assistance Scheme: get help with moving agrifood goods to Northern Ireland



Last updated 8 May 2024

The Movement Assistance Scheme means that if you’re:

  • trader moving agrifood goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you do not need to pay for some inspections and certificates or some other costs you incur because of the Northern Ireland Protocol
  • an official veterinarian or other certifier, you must not charge for some inspections, certificates and some other costs, such as a scrapie or Brucella ovis test - you can invoice the government up to a set amount

The following types of goods are included in the Movement Assistance Scheme:

  • live animals and animal products
  • plants and plant products
  • some categories of high risk food and feed not of animal origin
  • organic products

The scheme has been extended to 30 June 2025.

Traders: how to get advice and which costs are covered

Certifiers: claim money for inspecting and certifying goods

Find out about labelling requirements under the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme.

First published 16 December 2020