Moving personal belongings from Great Britain to Northern Ireland


If you are a removal company or third party moving someone's personal belongings from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you need to register for the Goods Vehicle Movement Service.

You will also need to make a declaration. If you are new to customs processes, you can sign up for the free Trader Support Service. The Trader Support Service will guide you through any changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and can complete declarations on your behalf without the need for specialist advice or software.

You may also need to make a safety and security declaration (entry summary declaration). Check if you need to make an entry summary declaration.

Moving your personal belongings to Northern Ireland

If you are personally moving your own personal belongings, you are able to declare by conduct which means going through the ‘green channel’ at your port of entry in Northern Ireland or where a green channel does not exist driving across the boundary of the port.

If you are moving through certain locations, your carrier may ask you for a goods movement reference (GMR) when you are booking your passage or checking in. If they do, you should confirm with them that you are a private citizen moving your own personal belongings which does not require a GMR.

You will not need to complete a safety and security declaration (also known as an entry summary declaration).