The Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme – labelling poster template

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Labelling requirements poster template for Northern Ireland businesses

To support businesses moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland using the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has created a poster template.

Poster and Display Requirements

As set out in the labelling guidance, retail premises must display posters in their stores, so customers are aware that goods moved under this scheme are intended for consumption in the United Kingdom; not to be sold or consumed in the EU.

Posters may be in paper or digital format. Premises can create their own posters with the relevant information. The positioning and number of posters are at the discretion of individual stores.

Catering operators do not need to label shelves for food products that are intended for eating on the spot in Northern Ireland. This includes food products in a factory canteen, institutional canteen, catered event or restaurant. You do not need to display posters next to these food products.

Retail premises are responsible for ensuring that these arrangements are in place.

DEFRA has provided two versions of a poster template below, one with the United Kingdom (UK) Government logo and one without. Businesses can use whichever version of the poster they prefer.

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First published 21 September 2023