Record-keeping and tax

Please note: record-keeping and tax guidance from HM Revenue & Customs can be found on the GOV.UK website. We provide links to the key information below.

Introductory guidance on record-keeping

Business records if you're self-employed
Records and paperwork you must keep if you're self-employed - income, costs, profit, how long to keep records

Record-keeping for specific taxes

Self Assessment: guide to keeping records
Advice on what records you need to keep for tax purposes and how long you need to keep them

Keeping records for your tax return
Advice about what records to keep for tax purposes and how long to keep them

Keeping your pay and tax records
Personal pay and tax records you must keep to fill in a Self Assessment tax return

VAT record keeping
Keeping records for VAT - invoices, VAT account, sales and purchase records for reclaiming VAT

Pension trustees: record keeping
As the trustee of a registered pension scheme you are responsible for accurate record keeping to support your tax returns

Records to keep for trusts
Records of a trust's income and expenses need to be kept to complete the Trust and Estate Tax Return and pass information to beneficiaries

Software and checks for record-keeping

Commercial software suppliers of record keeping applications
Simple record keeping applications including cash basis and simplified expenses specifications

Record keeping checks on your business
Businesses must keep records to fill in their tax returns correctly, pay the right tax at the right time to avoid interest and penalties

Record-keeping for international trade

Archiving your trade documents
You're required to keep records for all traded goods you declare to HMRC for four years, for duty and tax purposes and for government statistics