Reduce packaging waste on your construction site



On average, around one third of waste from construction sites is packaging waste such as timber, cardboard and plastic. Much of this waste is unnecessary and significant amounts could be reused, recycled or completely avoided, rather than sent to landfill.

The costs of handling and disposing of waste are increasing every year. Improving the way your business reduces material loss and deals with its packaging waste can significantly reduce costs and improve your environmental credentials. Reducing the amount of packaging you handle also makes it easier to comply with packaging legislation.

Aim to look at ways of reducing the amount of packaging your business receives from suppliers. The next step is to identify waste that is suitable for reuse and recycling and only dispose of packaging to landfill or incineration as a last resort.

This guide describes how to minimise and manage packaging waste on construction sites. It covers how you can overcome barriers and what the different options are for eliminating and dealing with packaging waste.