Skills for Life and Work: Providing work experience for young people


The success of Northern Ireland's economy depends on it having a motivated and skilled workforce. By engaging a young person through the Skills for Life and Work training programme you can play your part in achieving this goal while helping them to progress and maximise their potential.

What is Skills for Life and Work?

Skills for Life and Work is a training programme for young people who want to develop their skills and get ready for work.

No matter what size your business is, you will be investing in its future and your workforce. You can play your part by providing work experience or job sampling in your particular business area for school leavers aged 16/17 years (and up to age 22 and 24 for those with extended eligibility).

Skills development for the workplace

Skills for Life and Work has been developed to ensure that young people obtain training and development in areas such as - personal and social development; employability; professional and technical qualifications; confidence building; motivation skills; life and work skills including essential skills to:

  • help them on the road to employment
  • progress in the workplace
  • get ahead in their chosen career
  • gain relevant qualifications

Contact details for your chosen training contractor

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