Tariffs on goods imported into the UK

Last updated 5 January 2021

The UK Global Tariff applies to all goods imported into the UK unless an exception applies.

For example, the goods you’re importing:

Importing goods covered by a tariff-rate quota

Some products are covered by a tariff-rate quota (TRQ).

If there’s a TRQ for your product, you can apply to import a limited amount at a zero or reduced rate of customs duty.  If this limit is exceeded, a higher tariff rate applies.

Some tariff-rate quotas are only applicable to products imported from a specified country.

Check the TRQs for specific products, including volume limits and authorised uses.

Tariff relief on some goods for tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)

The tariffs and VAT have been removed on some goods.

Find the tariffs which are subject to relief measures because of COVID-19.

How to check the tariff

Check UK trade tariffs from 1 January 2021

The tool shows the tariff rates that will be applied to goods at the border when they’re imported into the UK.

It does not cover:

  • other import duties, such as VAT
  • the precise details of trade remedy measures, such as anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards

Give feedback on the UK Global Tariff

Feedback is being collected on the tariff.

You can give:

  • feedback or evidence on specific tariff rates 
  • evidence on the tariff in general 
  • information about yourself or the business you represent 

To give feedback, fill in the UK Global Tariff feedback form (ODT, 43.7KB) and email it to tariff.monitoring@trade.gov.uk.

Find out how your personal data will be used, and what your rights are (PDF 152KB).

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