Training bursaries for early-career craftspeople

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Apply for up to £4,000 training bursary

Heritage Crafts has launched over £100,000 in training bursaries for early-career craft practitioners. These bursaries aim to increase access to heritage craft skills for those unable to afford training, particularly from marginalised communities across the UK.

Of the 27 bursaries available, a certain number is ringfenced for:

  • Black and ethnically diverse trainees
  • veterans
  • trainees in Scotland and Wales
  • trainees working in decorative, rural and endangered crafts

The remaining bursaries will be allocated depending on individual needs to trainees facing financial hardship that don't fall within one of the above categories.

Craftspeople from Northern Ireland are encouraged to apply.

What can the bursary be used for?

Bursaries can be for any amount up to £4,000 and can cover or contribute towards the costs of:

  • apprenticeship-style training with a craftsperson/people
  • attending a specialist training course (accredited or non-accredited)
  • undertaking a self-directed programme of training with one or more craftspeople
  • the cost of specialist tools or materials, books or study materials, or supporting travel and accommodation (no more than 30% of total budget)

Bursaries cannot be used for general living expenses, trainee salary, research, promotional activities or anything else.

Who can apply?

You could be just starting out on your journey in craft or at the point where you want to turn a hobby into a career, or you could already be an early-career maker looking to further develop your heritage craft skills.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 5 July 2024.

Find out more and apply for Heritage Crafts training bursaries.

First published 21 May 2024