Workforce surveys for those in the creative sector

News article

Are you an individual and an organisation working in the creative sector?

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland (Arts Council NI) has created two new surveys to help them:

  • examine the skills within the Northern Ireland workforce
  • get insight into the challenges faced by the sector

The surveys target individuals and organisations working across the creative sector in Northern Ireland.

Insights collated will help the Arts Council NI to explore ways to help workers, make the case for funding to tackle the challenges, and design the right interventions to support creative organisations in NI.

If you are an individual artist or an employee within an arts organisation or a creative business, complete the creative individual workforce survey.

If you are a business or an arts organisation, complete the creative organisations workforce survey.

Both surveys will close for submissions on 26 May 2023.

First published 3 May 2023