Working out your Corporation Tax

Please note: Corporation Tax guidance from HM Revenue & Customs can be found on the GOV.UK website. We provide links to the key information below.

Corporation Tax rates and reliefs
Your Corporation Tax rate depends on how much profit your company makes and may change on 1 April each year

Corporation Tax: calculating and claiming a loss
Guidance for companies on how to calculate and claim Corporation Tax relief on trading, terminal, capital and property losses

Corporation Tax when you sell business assets
Your company or organisation may have to pay Corporation Tax if it sells an asset for more than it paid - the profit is known as a 'chargeable gain'

Director's loans
You and your company's responsibilities - repaying director's loans, interest, tax on loans, reporting to HM Revenue and Customs

Tonnage Tax for shipping companies
Get formal clearance to pay Corporation Tax based on the size and number of ships you operate