Hardship Rate Relief


Help to pay your rates if your business is recovering from a temporary crisis, financial or otherwise, as a result of exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility criteria: 

Hardship Rate Relief scheme covers unforeseen events and exceptional circumstances.  Land & Property Services (LPS) considers each application on a case-by-case basis. 

Exceptional circumstances will usually be circumstances that are from outside the business, are beyond the normal risks faced by businesses and cannot be foreseen or avoided. This crisis would have to result in a significant loss of trade or effect on the provision of services. The effect of strikes within a business or increased running costs and competition would not qualify as exceptional circumstances as these are normal business risks.

In general, circumstances that are covered by a commercial insurance policy or publicly-funded compensation would also not qualify as exceptional circumstances. 

Additional information: 

Businesses can apply for Hardship Rate Relief through the LPS application form. Download the LPS application form and guidance notes for Hardship Rate Relief (PDF, 493K).

Support organisation: 
Land & Property Services (LPS)
0300 200 7801